Wednesday, April 25, 2012

recreation nation

Amazing! $2500  rv

What a cute lil guy. $4995 trailer

Classic winne $1250  rv

I will always have a love for this style $3275 rv

oh shit. classy. $15000 boat

More wood. $9000 boat

The old seats are better. $2000 trailer

Good potential $9800 rv

$120,000  cabin

Lake Shasta cabin only $69,000  cabin

The ad uses  "secret" "hidden" and "hide out". I'm in! $75,000 cabin

Airstream with what looks like original insides. $10000 rv
The teal alone makes it a winner $1500 trailer
1962 yellow Catalina $2500 boat
Summer fun all year long. 1972 houseboat $26,000 boat

By the Big trees  $50,000 cabin

But did you see the swimming hole? $99,500 cabin

Near Mt. Zion State park $46,856 cabin

Mid Century cabin in South Lake Tahoe $109,900 cabin
So good! $134,900 cabin

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