Friday, February 24, 2012

This place could be really great. There are mixed reviews about the street.  3bd 2ba 1758 sq ft with great bones. $66,700


Katie T said...

That's on my street (which, does have it's pros and cons, but there are some great neighbors directly across the street from this house, and then a few doors down). And jesus christ, my house is worth nothing! That's terrifying!

smitty said...

I went to look at this house and asked the realtor if he was still showing it. He said, "I was" in a pretty sarcastic voice. I didn't get to see the inside. Thanks for the posts, Brandi! I didn't know about this until Guphy sent a link to Skipper who sent it to me. I might buy a house since I've got a wallet full of Saudi money.