Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A photo of my grandparents holding me at 6 weeks, on the brown couch.

Today a post on Apartment Therapy brought a tear to my eye. It was an ode to a couch. A post I could relate to far too well. I had one of those couches in my life. The brown sectional. It was the couch purchased for my parents first house, while my mother was pregnant with me. It stayed with us until I was a teen and because it was still good found a new home at my grandparents house. Then it was given to me and was the couch that moved with me to my first apartment, my first house and was even at my wedding. Even today I can visit the couch, which is now at a friends where it is creating memories with two new children. Here is a repost of that letter to a couch:

Dear Beaten-Up, Broken-Down, Ugly Old Plaid Couch…
Thank you.
As long as I've had a couch, you've been my couch. Your ugly, unmatchable plaid-ness has been my curse and my great joy. Now that the time has finally come to replace you, I find I can barely bring myself to do it. What will my living room be without you? What will I be without you?
We've been through so much together. When my proud parents brought me home from the hospital, you were there. My sisters and I pretended you were a plane, or a boat, or a train. Sheltered by you, I watched the Lion King 548 times. Some of the most important people in my life have sat on you - my grandparents, my high school friends, my first boyfriend.
My mom and dad let me take you with me when I got my first college apartment. My parents got a new couch. It was fluffy, and blue, in a lovely understated floral. Coming home for the first time that year, I was surprised by how much better my parents' living room looked. But somehow, it didn't seem like home anymore.
I graduated from college and moved to the big city, but you stayed with me. You shouldered the weight of breakups, layoffs, and loneliness with admirable resilience. So many things changed, but you never did. There you always were - ugly, plaid, supportive. When I came home from my grandmother's funeral, exhausted and heart-weary, you embraced me as if to say, I understand. Rest your tired head on my outdated upholstery. And I was comforted. Sitting on you was like getting a hug from an old friend.
You've become so much more than a couch to me. You're a place to rest, a place to nap, a place to party, a home office, but what is more, a tangible connection to my past - to all the people who have sat here, who have shared memories of this couch. Your various nooks and crannies are a mysterious and unfathomable network, full of crumbs and change and the DVD remote and several combs dating back to the late 80s.
Time is beginning to take its toll on you. Your cushions are misshapen. You sag. I hate saggy couches, but I don't hate you. I could sooner hate my own hands and feet.
So I will miss you, old plaid sofa, when you go to the great living room in the sky. There will be other couches, younger ones, prettier ones, with firmer cushions, but to me you will always be THE couch. When I think of you, I will see us together like we used to be, on a cold, sunny Sunday afternoon, me curled up, reading the funnies, feet stuffed deep into your comforting crevasses.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm pretty curious about this place. The address appears to be wrong. I think it's located in Walnut Grove? 2574 sq ft and can be used as a business. $93,750

This place could be really great. There are mixed reviews about the street.  3bd 2ba 1758 sq ft with great bones. $66,700

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wonderfully done 1941 home in Woodland. 1,500 sq ft for $224,900

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I've seen some nice houses listed on this street, but I don't know if I trust the area yet. Other than that, this house is really adorable! $162,900

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketchfest 2012

This weekend the husband and I hung out in SF. We saw some shows in the sketchfest lineup and I think I got a bit star struck! That's what happens when you have tv shows and podcasts as a weekly part of your life. It's that creepy I-feel-like-we're-friends problem. I follow Morgan Murphy's hilarious tweets, and I'm a big fan of Kyle Kinane's comedy, which we saw both on Friday. I've never laughed so hard at a story about pancakes. Not to mention Jake Fogelnest from Squirt tv was there, a show I used to tape in the 90's on MTV. Awesome. The next night we also saw "southy" Jen Kirkman who I love the most when telling her stories on the Pod F. Tompkast. She and Morgan Murphy had SNL's original cast member Laraine Newman as a guest! That night we went to see Bring The Rock, which had Mary Lynn Rajskub, Marc Maron, Todd Barry and Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

In our downtime we headed over to the Mission and got brunch at St. Francis Fountain, an old school diner/ soda fountain shoppe. I originally found it due to it's vegan options. Pancakes! and Shakes! It was charming and delicious.
Later we hung around Valencia stopping in some of our favorite shops. Mine is Paxton Gate, where I like to drool over their taxidermy and terrariums. We stumbled upon F.S.C. Barber where I know my husband would love to go regularly for cuts with it's nice products and industrial old-timey man style. There's a clothing shop attatched to it with some amazing wool ties. If I had some money to burn I'd spoil him here.

Now the question is will be make it to Bridgefest this year?
This place is pretty cute. I really like the fireplace and wall sconces. Good potential. $219,500

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cabin dreams

$159,900 A-frame in Pollock Pine. 1,622 sq ft on over six acres. Want.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cary Grant or not, look at the size! I'm sure this one will be snatched right up.  $280,000