Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Part 2

So, I must say, we are still in love with Portland. Every time we go I half expect to find big flaws I ignored the time before. The only big one we can find is it's just not as diverse as we are used to. Yes Sacramento, I am thankful you are full of so many shades. The weather held out pretty decent for us, and we finally accidentally got to explore more of the west side. All that nature!
While in the suburbs we stopped at Burgerville. This month's seasonal item was cranberries, so I got the Turkey Burger with Cranberry and Jalapeño Salsa, Sweet Cranberry Bourbon Baked Beans (which tasted like homemade) and the Pumpkin Milkshake which I think was made with real pumpkin. Soo good.

We stayed at the Kennedy School again. It's handy with restaurants, movies, bars and a pool. Not to mention walking distance to the Alberta area and our friend's house. While there we caught a showing of Superfly, part of a blaxploitation series they were showing. Not to mention I had a Blondie topped with organic vanilla ice cream and a house made Carmel- ale sauce that was to die for.

We hit up Hawthorne the first day to hit some good vintage stores. We revisited Really Good Stuff where I sifted through my favorite aisle again.

I managed to buy some great old snapshots and a creepy x-ray. There's also Vintage Pink, where I found a shirt and sweater and only spent $20 something on both, and I put back a pillow, a painting of a boy, and I'm sure a few more things. There are soo many great vintage stores in Portland!

We scored several records this trip and also bought several books and gifts. But there was so much more I wanted to buy this trip but I just couldn't talk myself into it! Also purchased was a fox skull and white tail deer skull we found at Zeno Oddities. Cody's really excited. The guy who worked there was super nice and even knocked a few bucks off for us.

We went out with our lovely friends Holly and Sarah-Ruth to The Maiden, where everything was really good but I must say I tried the Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with manchego cheese and it tasted like a little bit of heaven. I had never even had a date before! Definately a restaurant worth trying. Also new places this time around was the Waffle Window (recommended!) and we finally made it to the Doug Fir Lounge.

We ended up there for breakfast, and it was just ok. I would give it another shot though, because I could not get enough of the decor. It even inspired a possible change in our den. I bet that place is a lot of fun for a drink and a show. The Dutchess and the Duke will be there next week!

*edit* I also forgot to mention we saw a small showing of nosferatu on the east side and I have to admit the actor and makeup for nosferatu himself was good.

Finally made it to the Saturday market which I would describe as Apple Hill crafts meets Camden Market (not what I expected) and the zoo! It was cold so there weren't a lot of poeple which was nice. Though we missed a few of the animals due to the weather I also got some great moments like face to face with a lion!