Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stupid Urban Outfitters

I went on their site to check out their rain boots. No luck there, but I'm digging these things...

I wish I could have this sofa. That persimmon color is killing me.

I wish we had something in our house that rocks. It's soothing. This rocker is a great rocking chair alternative.

I think I could really benefit from one of these.

I love this trinket box. Good for rings and things.

I kinda want this rug for my craft room.

And this one to hang on the wall, maybe adding some embroidery.

This tapestry is tempting...

I know it's for where the wild things are, but this is real cute.

Someone buy me a 'B'?

I know Ashley G.'s drawings are popular, and in fact we even own one, but I'm disappointed to see them here. I've wanted the bottom one for a while since it reminds me so much of my husband.

We could use a new shower curtain. I can't decide between this one

or this one.


This one is way better than the ones they had at Joann's.

Sam did you see this?

Damn. I've been really wanting one of these.

Bah! Urban Outfitters I think you are tainting the craft world. : /


Anonymous said...

I love the bird shower curtain!

But I love birds... in fact, almost everything in my house has birds on it...

brandi said...

and you've seen my house so you know me and forest critters...

Anonymous said...

you said tainting.